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Robot Kits Wireless Control

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Robot Learn Kits Robot Kits Smart Turtle Car Wireless Control for Arduino.

Smart little turtle is a single-chip learning application development system to arduino microcontroller family atmega-328p as the core, the completion of the hunt, obstacle avoidance, infrared remote control and Bluetooth remote control functions, the package contains a number of interesting programs, and can be extended outside the circuit module is set, thereby increasing the carriage of use. Designed to allow users to learn ARDUINO microcontroller off when dry theoretical knowledge in the play in the development of the ability to obtain SCM system. 

Comes with full instructions Chinese/English supplied on DVD



1. Motor parameters: voltage range :1.5-12V, the motor shaft length: 10mm, 6.0V 50,100 rpm / min. 

2. Control motor selection L298N driver module, and MCU real isolation. 

3. Three groups hunt module detects black and white lines, higher accuracy, can also be used with anti-drop control. 

4. Infrared remote communication module, composed of smart car remote control system. 

5. Bluetooth wireless module, Bluetooth cell phone can be paired remote control robot 

6. Can access external 7 ~ 12V voltage. And can be equipped with a variety of sensor modules, depending on your imagination to achieve a variety of functions. 


Experimental courses: 

1. L298N motor driver board applications 

2. Smart car hunt experiments 

3. Intelligent anti-drop experiment 

4. Smart car obstacle avoidance experiment 

5. Infrared remote control smart car experiment 

6. Four and a (hunt obstacle avoidance infrared remote Bluetooth Remote) Multi experiments 


Intelligent Robot List: 

1. Metal Gear Motor *2 

2. Quality tires *2 

3. motor mount *2 

4. Bovine Wheels *1 

5. Robot Chassis *2 

6. L298N motor driver board *1 

7. ARDUINO UNO328 panel *1 

8. ARDUINO sensor expansion board *1 (with Bluetooth socket) 

9. Bluetooth slave *1 

10. PTZ *1 

11. Servo *1 

12. Ultrasonic Module *1 

13. Three groups hunt module *1 

14. IR receiver sensor *1 

15. SCM Remote Control *1 

16. 18650 Battery Case *1 

17. 18650 Charger*1 

18. DuPont line *40 

19. Pillars 35MM *4 

20. Pillars 10MM *2 

21. Several 3MM screw nuts

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