Programmable PIC and PICAXE Kits

Programmable PIC and PICAXE Kits


We stock a range of both PICAXE and Kitronik programmable PIC compatible kits to bridge the gap between electronics and programming. PIC micro-controllers ICs are simple to program and offer great value really lowering the entry barrier to programming.

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Product no.: VM164

29.90 *
Product data sheet
In stock

Kitronik Relay Control Breakout Board

Product no.: 5101

14.99 *
Product data sheet
In stock

9V PP3 Battery Clip Lead to 2.1mm DC

Product no.: 4132

1.68 *
In stock

USB to DC Jack

Product no.: 4120

3.39 *
Still in stock

Kitronik Micro USB to 5V breakout

Product no.: 5109

1.57 *
In stock

Kitronik Programmable Music Box Kit

Product no.: 2122

6.49 *
In stock
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