PCB Universal Prototype Stripboard 5x10

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Single Side PCB Universal Prototype Printed Circuit Board Stripboard 5x10

1, Standard striboard is great for prototyping and building circuits but it can be time consuming to use with components with certain pin configurations such as ICs as much time has to be spent breaking tracks to ensure no shorts exist across opposite component pins. This bpard gets around that problem by having isolated groups of pins.
2, Solderable PCB breadboards, single-sided PCB, matches breadboards with Power Rails. These boards are especially useful for preserving a prototype or experiment you just created on a solderless breadboard by soldering all the pieces in place.

Material: Bakelite
Length: 100mm
Width: 50mm
Hole Dia:1mm

Package included:
1/10 x Single Side Copper Prototype Paper PCB Breadboard

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