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Ring magnet Ø 100/60 mm, height 20 mm
Ferrite, Y35, no coating

Strength: approx. 16 kg

Article ID FE-R-100-60-20
Material Ferrite
Shape Ring
Outer diameter 100 mm(+/- 2,0 mm)
Inner diameter 60 mm(+/- 1,2 mm)
Height 20 mm(+/- 0,1 mm)
Direction of magnetisation axial (parallel to height)
Coating no coating
Magnetisation Y35
strength approx. 16 kg (approx. 157 N)
Max. working temperature 250°C
Weight 490 g
Ferrite magnets  king super suction
Ferrite (ferrites) is a non-metallic magnetic ferrite, also known as ferrite. It  is a three-oxide
Iron and one or more other metal oxides (eg: nickel oxide, zinc oxide, manganese  oxide, magnesium oxide, barium oxide, strontium
Etc.) prepared by sintering. Its relative permeability of up to several  thousand, the resistivity is 1011 times that of metal, eddy current loss, for
In the production of high-frequency electromagnetic devices. There are hard  magnetic ferrite, soft, the magnetic moment, spin magnetic and magneto five.  Formerly known as ferrite magnetic material or iron
Dielectrics, its production process and appearance similar to the ceramic, which  is also known a magnetic ceramic. Ferrite iron and one or more other suitable
Composite oxide of a metal element. Nature is a semiconductor, typically a  magnetic media applications, ferrite magnetic materials and metal, or
Magnetic alloy between the most important difference is that conductivity. The  former generally has a resistivity of 102 ~ 108Ω · cm, whereas the latter
There 10-6 ~ 10-4Ω · cm

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