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2013 the latest version of the software.
Microcontroller using 8MHz external crystal, for better measurement accuracy.
Key resistance using a thousandth of metal film resistors, the remaining a hundredth metal film resistors.
Use 9V battery(not include),please unscrew the back case and fix the battery.
LCD backlit LCD screen with low power consumption, compared with the whole power consumption is almost negligible, so the light is always there, easy reading in the dark.
Size: 125X80X32(mm)
Weight: 207g

Technical performance:

1. Automatic recognition transistor type, pin, current magnification and the base - emitter junction voltage measured at the same time.
2. Automatic Identification of N and P MOSFET type and pin,measure the voltage and capacitance.
3. Automatic identification the diode pin, measurement the forward voltage.
4. Automatic identification of small power triac pin.
5. Measuring resistance.
6. Measuring inductance.
7. Measuring Capacitance.
8. One button operation, automatic shutdown.
9. 20nA current shutdown.
10. Using 8MH crystals.
11. Can automatically detect NPN, PNP bipolar transistors, N-channel and P-channel MOS FET, JFET, diodes, dual diode, thyristor small power unidirectional and bidirectional thyristor.
Package Contents:
1 x Transistor Tester Capacitor ESR Inductance Resistor Meter
1 x SMD Test adapter
3 x Test Clips

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