Alarm Project Kit

Alarm Project Kit

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Alarm Project Kit :when assembled, mount the micro switch against any door, which then activates/deactivates the alarm in conjunction with the doors movement.
This kit can be used to make a shed or room alarm. It is armed / disarmed by a hidden switch. Alarms are detected by a micro switch mounted onto a door. A timer provides an entry delay during which the system can be disarmed, whilst a separate timer silences the alarm after two minutes. Both of these timers are implemented via a 555 timer IC.
The alarm can be further enhanced by using a simple key switch for arming / disarming or by adding a magnetic door contact to activate it. The board, battery pack & buzzer can be placed into a box designed by the student.
Kit contents:
1 x PP3 clip lead
1 x 4AA battery holder
1 x slide switch
1 x 556 (dual 555) timer IC
1 x 14 pin IC holder
1 x Piezo buzzer
4 x 10nF capacitor, ceramic
2 x 100uF capacitor, electrolytic
1 x 330ohm resistor
3 x 10Kohm resistors
1 x 220Kohm resistor
2 x 1.2Mohm resistors
1 x micro switch
1 x 5mm red LED
0.5m connecting wire
1 x Alarm PCB
PCB dimensions: 51mm x 41.5mm.
Requires x4 AA batteries
Note: This is an educational kit and should not be used to secure anything of value.

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