Rear Bike Light Project Kit

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This easy build bike light kit has just ten parts, making it a good introduction to electronics. The kit uses two ultra bright red LEDs, which flash rapidly, providing a highly visible light. Making it ideal for use as a rear bike light.
Alternatively it can be used as a night safety product or flashing eyes.
The kit uses two Ultra Bright Red LEDs: flash rapidly; highly visible.
Easy build kit making a great introduction to electronics.
Great visibility for night time safety.
1 x 2xAA Battery Cage with Leads.
2 x 470K Resistor.
1 x 33R Resistor.
2 x Capacitor, Electrolytic, 16V, 10uF.
2 x BC547 NPN Transistor.
2 x Red 5mm Water Clear LED - 30deg - 1000mCd.
Length: 48.5mm.
Width: 25.5mm.
2 x AA Batteries.
Soldering Iron.
Wire Cutters.
Physical characteristics:
PCB Length: 49mm.
PCB Width: 25mm.
PCB Component Count: 10.
Electrical characteristics:
Voltage Nominal: 3V.
Voltage Range: 2-4V.
Current Max at Nominal Voltage: 15mA.

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