Steady Hand Project Kit (with Latch)

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This steady hand game has a buzzer that sounds momentarily when the loop makes contact with the wire. It also has an LED, which latches on when the buzzer sounds via the use of a thyristor. It then remains on so that even the briefest contact of the loop with the wire can be indicated. A push button is used to reset the LED.
This kit contains :
1 x PP3 clip lead
1 x 3AA battery holder
1 x Piezo buzzer
1 x 220ohm resistor
1 x 10Kohm resistor
1 x 10nF capacitor
1 x thyristor 2N5061
1 x 5mm red LED
1 x push to make switch
0.5m connecting wire
1 x steady hand PCB
Heat shrink
Tinned copper wire and flexible connecting wire
For a pack of 24 the cables are supplied on reels with the remaining parts being individually bagged, for a pack of 1 the cables are supplied in the bag.
Requires x3 AA batteries

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