Motor Controller Board Kit, Kit Format

Motor Controller Board Kit, Kit Format

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This motor controller board can be used in two ways. You can use your PC flowchart software to write the control application for an 18 pin PIC, or by fitting two more LEDs and downloading some free basic software on to the board you can use it as a standalone sequence controller (see for details and software). This allows students to first pick up the basics of motor direction control, using the sequence controller. Then using the same hardware they are now familiar with, move on to more advanced flowchart control.
The board has four inputs, complete with test switches and four outputs complete with debug LEDs. The outputs can drive two motors with forward and reverse control or four motors with on / off control. However please note the outputs work in pairs and this means that when using four motors, it is not possible to drive motors 1&2 at the same time, nor can outputs 3&4 be driven at the same time.
The new improved version of this board uses a motor driver IC which gives far improved motor power performance due to it’s very low output saturation (the motor output voltage can get closer to the supply voltage).
The kit is compatible with most educational PICs & software. Requires 18 Pin Processor not included.
This kit contains:
1 x 3.5mm PCB mount jack socket
2 x 47ohm resistors
4 x 330ohm resistors
6 x 10Kohm resistors
1 x 100Kohm resistor
4 x 5mm red LEDs
4 x 4 way terminal blocks
1 x 2 way terminal block
1 x 18 pin IC holder
1 x FAN8100N motor driver IC
5 x PCB mount switches
9 x 10nF capacitors, ceramic
2 x 470uF capacitors, electrolytic
3 x 1N4001 diodes
1 x PP3 clip lead
1 x 4C battery holder
1 x heat sink
1 x 5V red LED
1 x 5V green LED
1 x motor controller PCB
PCB dimensions: 110mm x 67mm.
Requires x4 C batteries, available separately. Use rechargeable or alkaline batteries with this kit, zinc carbon batteries are not suitable.

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