8 Pin PIC Project Board (2 in, 3 out)

8 Pin PIC Project Board (2 in, 3 out)

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This board has been designed to complement the larger development board.
The larger development board can be used as a starting point for a project by attaching inputs and outputs to the board via the terminal blocks.
The PIC software can then be developed and the complete solution tested without using a soldering iron. Once students are happy with their design they can transfer the design to this project board, soldering their chosen peripherals into the board.
This development board can then be reused on future projects.
You can connect any device to the outputs of the board including LEDs, sounders, motors etc.
The teaching notes for this project include a number of possible projects including, a decision maker, traffic light, timer, quiz buzzer, alarm and a timed fan.
This kit includes:
3 x 1Kohm resistors
1 x 10Kohm resistors
1 x 22Kohm resistor
1 x BC337 NPN transistor
2 x PCB mount switches
1 x 3.5mm PCB mount jack socket
1 x 8 pin IC holder
1 x PP3 clip lead
1 x 3AA battery holder
1 x PIC project board PCB
PCB dimensions: 48mm x 48mm.
Requires x3 AA batteries, available separately.
You will also need either the PICAXE or GENIE programming software and lead.
Processor not included.


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