Solar Powered Buggy

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Kitronik 2153 Want an easy way to learn about solar energy?

The buggy is simple to make and all required parts are included.

With our Solar Powered Buggy, learning how to harness the sun's energy to produce power is fun and hands-on.
The buggy is simple to construct and all of the required parts are included. The scope of the project can be extended by redesigning aspects of the buggy and evaluate the impact that this has on its performance.
Note: This product is designed to work in direct sunlight and not indoors or on a cloudy day. Alternatively a halogen lamp will allow you to simulate sunshine.
Ready to build solar power buggy kit.


Great introduction for learning about solar energy.
1 x Low Inertia Solar Motor - 1820 RPM.
2 x Back Wheels.
1 x 8mm Diameter Pulley.
1 x 4mm Pulley, 60mm Diameter.
1 x Plastic Motor Mounting Clips.
1 x 3.0V 100mA Polycrystalline Solar Cell.
2 x Length 4mm Dowel.
1 x Laser Cut Perspex Buggy Chassis.
Soldering Iron.

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