FM Radio Kit V2.0

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The FM radio kit uses industrial surface mount ICs (the Si4820 and the NCP2890). The FM radio kit is supplied with the ICs mounted on the board. You just have to solder the remaining resistors,capacitors and other components to finish the kit.
The radio has controls for tuning and to adjust the volume. The circuit includes an audio amplifier and output is via a 66mm diameter speaker that is supplied with the kit.
The board can be powered from a 2.5V to 5.5V supply and works nicely off a 5V wall supply or 3x AA batteries (not supplied). Powered by batteries or mains.
The Si4820 IC is one of the latest generation of radio receiver ICs that offer fantastic reception quality and ease of tuning, and the NCP2890 IC can output 1W of power.
FM Radio kit.
Audio amplifier built-in.
1 x Si4820 FM Radio IC (Pre-mounted).
1 x CM1213A ESD Protection Diode (Pre-mounted).
1 x TLV700 3.3V LDO 200mA Regulator (Pre-mounted).
1 x NCP2890D Mono Amplifier IC (Pre-mounted).
1 x Fixed Inductor 270nH 5% (Pre-mounted).
1 x 100K 16mm Linear Potentiometer.
1 x 10K 16mm Linear Potentiometer.
5 x Electrolytic Capacitor, 50V, 1uF.
3 x Ceramic Capacitor, 50V, 100nF.
1 x Ceramic Capacitor, 33pF.
2 x Ceramic Capacitor, 22pF.
2 x Ceramic Capacitor, 470nF.
1 x Ceramic Capacitor, 50V, 470pF.
1 x Ceramic Capacitor, 50V, 1nF.
1 x Electrolytic Capacitor, 16V, 100uF.
2 x 220K Resistor.
1 x 56K Resistor.
1 x 3.3K Resistor.
1 x 100K Resistor.
2 x 0R Resistor.
1 x 6.8K Resistor.
1 x 470R Resistor.
1 x 10K Resistor.
1 x Watch Crystal for Radio.
1 x 100R Resistor.
1 x PP3 Battery Clip Lead (Heavy Duty).
1 x 3xAA Battery Cage with Clip.
1m x Single Core Wire.
1 x 8 ohm 66mm Speaker.
1 x FM Radio PCB.
PCB Length: 88mm.
PCB Width: 46mm.
Either: 5V wall power unit (some modification is required - see our tutorial for the mono amplifier kit here).
Or: 3 x AA Batteries.
Soldering Iron.
Wire Cutters.
Wire Strippers.
Tape Measure.

Physical characteristics:

  • PCB Length: 88mm.
  • PCB Width: 46mm.
  • PCB Component Count: 36.

Electrical characteristics:

  • Voltage Nominal: 5V.
  • Voltage Range: 2.5V - 5.5V.
  • Voltage Absolute Max: 6V.
  • Typical Standby Current: 20mA.
  • Current Maximum at Nominal Voltage: 250mA.
Suitable Antenna CLICK HERE or Copper Tape CLICK HERE

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