Round 5V LED Matrix Lamp

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Round 5V LED Matrix Lamp

This round 5V LED lamp kit offers a really bright light, which is compact and easy to mount. It can be run from a 5V power supply and outputs around 16,000 mCd.

Product Description
This round 5V LED matrix lamp Kit offers a really bright light, which is compact and easy to mount. The unit is supplied with 9 white super flux LEDs, which collectively output around 16,000 mCd.

The unit incorporates current limit resistors, allowing it to be run from a 5V supply or 3 x AA batteries can be used (3 new batteries will last for around 5 hours).

The kit makes a nice desk lamp when powered from our micro USB power supply (used to charge many phones, tablets and e-readers) which can be done by using our micro USB break out board.


Easy to build lamp kit.
Battery or mains power.

9 x White Super Flux 5mm Water Clear LED - 80deg - 1800mCd.
3 x 33R Resistor.
1 x Round 5V LED Matrix Desk Lamp Kit PCB.
2 x Wire link.

PCB Diameter: 48mm.
4 x Mounting Hole Diameter: 3.2mm.


Soldering Iron.
Either: 5V Wall Power Unit (some modification is required - see our tutorial for the mono amplifier kit here).
Or: 3 x AA Batteries.
And: 1 x 3 x AA Battery Cage with Leads and Switch.
Or: 1 x Kitronik Micro USB Breakout Board, with Power Switch.
And: 1 x Mobile Phone Charger & Wire.

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