Low Inertia Solar Motor

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A Low Inertia Motor, ideal for low power applications such as solar projects. Operating voltage: 0.7V to 5.0V (2V nominal). Axle diameter: 2mm.

This is a low inertia motor that can be powered from a suitably rated solar cell.
The motor has red and blue 120mm flying connecting leads.
Low inertia ideal for using with solar power.
Low starting current.
1 x Low Inertia Solar Motor.
Height: 12.8mm.
Diameter: 24.4mm.
Shaft Length: 6mm.
Axle Diameter: 2mm.
Physical characteristics:
Weight: 22g.
Electrical characteristics:
Rated Voltage: 2V.
Operating Voltage: 0.7V - 5V.
Starting Current: 16mA.
Speed at Maximum Efficiency: 1763RPM.
Current at Maximum Efficiency: 52mA.
Stall Current: 162mA.


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