Solar Motor with Gearbox

Solar Motor with Gearbox

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Solar Motor with Gearbox


Product Description
This miniature low inertia solar motor with a gearbox (27:1 gearbox ratio) has a low starting voltage of 1.5V and a starting current of 20mA. It can be powered from a suitably rated solar cell. Operating voltage: 0.7V - 5V. Output from gearbox: 35RPM at 1.5V. It is ideal in solar applications requiring a low starting current.

The gearbox supplied is in kit form and needs to be assembled (see datasheet for assembly instructions).

The motor has red and blue 120mm flying connecting leads and can be mounted on the flat underside of the gearbox.


Includes gearbox (27:1 ratio) kit for enhanced torque.
Low inertia ideal for using with solar power.
Low starting current.
35RPM (at 1.5V) from gearbox.
2mm gearbox final drive shaft.

1 x Low Inertia Solar Motor.
1 x Gearbox kit (requires assembly).


Length: 14mm.
Diameter: 24mm.
Shaft Length: 6mm.

Length: 15mm.
Diameter: 35mm.
Shaft Length: 25mm.
Axle Diameter: 2mm.

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