9V PP3 Battery Clip Lead to 2.1mm DC

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Kitronik 4132 9V PP3 Battery Clip Lead to 2.1mm DC Connector

Versatile PP3 adaptor, plug a 9V battery into one end and connect the other end to anything with a 2.1mm, centre-positive barrel jack.

A PP3 to 2.1mm centre-positive barrel jack DC connector, useful for connecting a 9V battery, or any of our battery cages with clip, to projects such as an Arduino.
65mm cable length.
2.1mm centre positive barrel jack.
1 x 9V PP3 Battery Clip Lead to 2.1mm DC Connector.
Cable Length: 65mm.
External Diameter: 5.5mm.
Internal Diameter: 2.1mm.


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