Kitronik Micro USB to 5V breakout

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Kitronik Micro USB to 5V breakout


This compact Micro USB Breakout Board offers an easy way of connecting circuits to the 5V power lines that a USB connection supplies. The output (5V and Gnd) connections are two large solder-able pads on the PCB.

This board is ideal for replacing batteries in a variety of circuits such as our Mono Amp kit. It is compatible with Micro USB chargers supplied with most mobile phones and tablets.

Power your electronics projects via USB.
Compatible with projects such as the Kitronik Mono Amp kit.
1 x USB to 5V Breakout Board.
PCB Length: 22mm.
PCB width: 16mm.
Soldering Iron.
Wire Cutters.
Wire Strippers.
Some soldering required to connect the breakout board to your project.
PC USB ports normally supply 100mA up to an absolute max of 500mA. If you plug anything in that requires a higher current, damage to the USB port is possible.

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