Noise Pack for Kitronik Inventor's Kit

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Noise Pack for Kitronik Inventor's Kit for the BBC micro:bit

Explore the complexities of sound & noise with the Noise Pack add-on for the Inventors Kit for BBC micro:bit. Learn how to make Instruments, Amplifiers, & EQs!

Product Description
Learn how to bend sound to your will with the Noise Pack add-on for the Kitronik Inventors Kit for the BBC micro:bit. The pack, in conjunction with the Inventors kit and a microbit, contains all you need to build the 5 exciting experiments contained within.

You will learn how to build and code musical instruments, amplifiers, and EQs, including High and Low Pass Filters (HPF/LPF). Who needs expensive Pultecs or Console Channel Strips when you've got some components, a microbit, and some know how!

The pack brings together electronics and code in the most noblest of causes, making noise! We're going to make a noise and then we're going to amplify it!


A fun and exciting add-on pack for the Kitronik Inventors Kit for the micro:bit.
Learn how to manipulate sound, build instruments, amplify your sounds, and how to shape your sounds with Filtering and EQ.
Learn how to build and code the following 5 experiments;
Varying The Tone With A Piezo Buzzer.
Building A Mono Amplifier.
Touch Control.
The Digital Trumpet.
Equalise Your Sound.

1 x 100kΩ Resistor.
2 x 3.3kΩ Resistor.
1 x 15kΩ Resistor.
3 x 100nF Ceramic Disk Capacitor.
2 x 1µF Electrolytic Capacitor.
2 x Potentiometer.
2 x Finger Adjust Spindle.
2 x Solid Core Connecting Wire.
10 x M/M Jumper Wires.
1 x 0.15W 8Ω Speaker.
4 x F/F Jumper Wires.
1 x NCP2890 Audio Amplifier IC Breakout Board.
1 x 3 Key Touch PCB.
1 x Tutorial Booklet, containing 5 experiments.

A BBC micro:bit.
An Inventors Kit for the BBC micro:bit.
A Micro USB Cable.


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