3 mm (1/8") ABS FILAMENT - BLACK

3 mm (1/8") ABS FILAMENT - BLACK

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3 mm (1/8") ABS FILAMENT - BLACK - 750 G

ABS is a very strong impact resistant filament for 3D printing. Due to the process stability and the physical features of ABS it is a widely used thermoplastic polymer. The material is very light and durable. This makes ABS suitable for tools, toys and all kinds of utensils. Printed at a slightly over-average temperature for ABS, this filament gives extra strong 3D print results.

ABS is a light but tough, impact-resistant polymer
stable printing
light and durable
low warping
type: ABS
diameter: 2.85 mm (1/8")
package: reel
colour: black
specific gravity: 1.03 g/cc
strain at break: 9%
print temperature: 220-270 °C
impact strength: 36 kJ/m²
weight: 750 g
dimensions (reel): Ø 20 x 5.5 cm

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