SMD IC Vacuum Sucking Pen Picker Hand Tool

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SMD IC Vacuum Sucking Pen Picker Pick Hand Tool FFQ939 MT-668

Type : AKIMICHI MT-668 Vacuum Sucking Pen
Item Size: 92mm (L)*12mm(D)
Install a proper IC suction header on suction pencil.
Place the suction header lever on IC.
Squeeze the suction pencil to let out the air within the vacuum unit,then release the button to produce vacuum suction force to pick up IC.
Put the IC on a proper place,press down the button,the vacuum unit discharges air to let the IC fall off the suction header.
3 suction headers are provided with this suction pencil,large size,medium size and small size respectively for:40g,18g,3g
 Note: open the BGA, be sure to use the vacuum pen, must not direct with forceps clip, so as not to break the welding plate.
Package Included:1 x SMD IC Vacuum Sucking Pen Picker Pick Hand Tool 4 Suction Headers for MT-668 top


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