Hall Effect NPN Magnetic Proximity Sensor

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Hall Effect NPN Magnetic Proximity Switch Sensor Three Wires 

This Hall NPN sensor consists of voltage regulator,voltage generator,difference amplifier, Schmitt trigger and open collector output,it‘s input are the magnetic induction, the output is a digital voltage signal.

-Wide supply voltage range
-High frequency
-Long life,small volume,convenient installation
-Can directly connect the transistor and TTL,MOS and so on logic circuit

Type: NJK - 5002C
Appearance: M12mm cylinder
Output: NPN three wire normally open type
The detection distance: 10 mm
Supply voltage: 5-24VDC,6-36VDC
Output current: 200 mA
Objects can be detected: permanent magnets
Switching frequency: 320 KHZ
The shell material: copper

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