NEC Code Infrared Remote Control

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NEC Code Infrared Remote Control

HX1838 NEC Code Infrared Remote Control module 

1. Sensor uses HX1838, high sensitivity.
2. Operating voltage 5V.
3. Output form: Digital output.
4. VCC: 3.3V-5V external voltage (can be directly connected to the 5v microcontroller and 3.3v microcontroller).
5. GND: external GND.
6. IN: external microcontroller I/O port, I/O port has been designed 10K pull-up resistor.
7. Kit theory test distance of about 5-8 meters, but the practical application depends on the ambient factors you use, as well as the middle barrier (such as diaphragm, glass, obstructions or other material blocking), receiving head with HX1838 with power work instructions lights, receive 38K frequency any remote coding data.
1 X IR Remote Control(not contain battery) .
1 X HX1838 remote module.
1 X 1838 Universal Receiving Head.
1 X 3Pin 20cm Dupont cable

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