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Velleman MK198 LED BUDDY

The LED Buddy can help you to design any electronic circuit that includes one or more LEDs.

Hold any type of LED to the contact pads of the LED Buddy to start the process. It detects the polarity of the LED, measures the forward voltage and auto-calculates the series resistors that you need to use.

The compact size and durable materials ensure that this useful tool is the best buddy any maker can have. No more circuit troubles!

8 x 2 character LCD
auto-calculates the series resistor (E12 series)
detects a LED's polarity
measures the LED's forward voltage
adjustable target current
adjustable target voltage
contact pads
power switch
dimensions: 75 x 32 x 48 mm (W x L x H)
calculated voltage adjustable from: 0 - 30 V
calculated current adjustable from: 2 - 26 mA
current consumption: 40 mA (when testing a LED)
power supply: 9 to 12 VDC max. or 9 V battery (not incl.)

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