Red 100mm Massive Arcade Push Button

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Red 100mm Massive Arcade Push Button with LED Convexity Console Replacement CT


This button has a domed plastic cover with a black retaining ring around it. There's a LED included that will light up the button.
The LED has a built in resistor so you can run it up to 12V, but given the massive size and shallow depth of the button, it doesn't illuminate the entire button face evenly.
The button activates a common arcade microswitch (included), the switch contacts are normally open. When the button is pressed, the contacts close.
Applicable to interactive vending machines, large game machines, etc.
This button consists of a button body, a fixed nut, a gasket, a bracket, an LED lamp, a micro switch, and you need  DIY assembly. 

    Material: plastic, metal

    Color: red

    LED light rated voltage: DC12V(LED lights have division of positive and negative poles, but microswitchs  have not.

    Size: as the picture


Package Included:

    1 x  button

    1 x microswith

    1 x LED light 

    1 x button holde

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