SN74HC595N 8-Bit Shift Register DIP-16 IC

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SN74HC595N 74HC595 8-Bit Shift Register DIP-16 IC

The SN74HC595N device contain an 8 bit serial in, parallel out shift register that feeds an 8 bit D type storage register. The storage register has parallel 3 state outputs. Separate clocks are provided for both the shift and storage register. The shift register has a direct overriding clear (SRCLR) input, serial (SER) input, and serial outputs for cascading. When the output-enable (OE) input is high, the outputs are in the high-impedance state. Both the shift register clock (SRCLK) and storage register clock (RCLK) are positive-edge triggered. If both clocks are connected together, the shift register always is one clock pulse ahead of the storage register.
8 bit serial-in, parallel-out shift
Wide operating voltage range of 2V to 6V
High current 3 state outputs can drive up To 15 LSTTL loads
Low power consumption: 80µA max.
±6-mA output drive at 5V
Low input current: 1µA max.
Shift register has direct clear


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