Thermoelectric Power Generator Peltier Mod

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Thermoelectric Power Generator Peltier Module TEG 40*40mm High Temperature


The side with word is the radiating surface(code side)
The other side with no word is the Endothermic surface(hot side)


Lead Length: about 30CM
L * W * H: 40MM * 40MM * 3.4MM
Temperature difference of 20 degrees: open circuit voltage 0.97V, power current: 225MA
Temperature difference of 40 degrees: open circuit voltage 1.8V, power current: 368MA
Temperature difference of 60 degrees: open circuit voltage 2.4V, power current: 469MA
Temperature difference of 80 degrees: open circuit voltage 3.6V, power current: 558MA
Temperature difference of 100 degrees: open circuit voltage 4.8V, power current: 669MA

Red Wire to Positive & Black Wire to Negative

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