Stp55nf06l Mosfet Logic N 60v 55a

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Technical Specification
 60V Drain-source Breakdown Voltage, 14mR Drain-source On-resistance, 55A Drain Current, 16V Gate Source Voltage, 20ns Turn-on Time, 40ns Turn-off Time, 95W Power, TO-220 Case, Exceptional dv/dt Capability, Application Oriented Characterization, Suitable for Switching Applications.
VDS RDS(ON) ID cont. IDM PTOT VGS(th) Device
(V) (Ω) @25°C (A) pulsed (A) @25°C (W) max. (V)
60 0.046max 30 90 88.2 2 NTP30N06LG
60 0.04 30 120 70 2.5 STP36NF06L
60 0.02 55 220 95 1.7 STP55NF06L
100 0.033 40 160 150 2.5 STP40NF10L
Can be used instead of a JFet in your designs.

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